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Jason M. Vaughn’s science-fiction-drama screenplay (now titled THE GREEN SEA) was a grand-prize winner in the 2012 Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition.  It is being developed with Matthew G. Zamias of Picturesque Films.  Jason’s psychological indie thriller, EXXIE, however, was most responsible for landing him on ISA’s Development Slate, after their Director of Community Outreach, Max Timm, in his generosity, took a chance on a writer he didn't even know and read the first draft.  Jason has since workshopped EXXIE with Gordy Hoffman (founder of the BlueCat Screenplay Competition).  In between working on several short scripts, and his other current feature projects (INTERLOPERS; PATSY; and SWAY), Jason is also writing short fiction and reworking his literary science-fiction novel, CERULEAN.

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Quarter Finalist in the 2014 BlueCat Screenwriting Competition (short script category). An aging farm couple struggles to maintain their sanity as the memory of their dead son drains the life out of them. 1
THE GREEN SEA was a Grand-Prize winner in the 2012 Script Pipeline Screenwriting Competition. Matthew G. Zamias of Picturesque Films is attached as a producer. Matt Joseph Misetich (Senior Executive at Script Pipeline) is on as an Executive Producer.
Writers: Jason Vaughn
Jason Vaughn was the Grand-Prize winner of Script Pipeline's 9th Great Movie Idea Contest. His script, titled INTERLOPERS, is in development. It's a romantic parallel-universe adventure set mostly in a cyberpunk version of Los Angeles.
Writers: Jason Vaughn
Grand-Prize winner in Script Pipeline's 9th Great Movie Idea Contest. The script is in development. 2
Bluecat Screenwriting Competition -- 2014 Quarter Finalist in the short category. 1
Here's a link to an interview I did with Script Pipeline:  https://scriptpipeline.com/jason-vaughn   
Writers: Jason Vaughn
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