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16 Secrets Revealed by Professional Screenwriters

The authors of previous books on screenwriting had no real industry experience as working screenwriters on produced movies. Or their experience was so old, what they had to teach was not relevant for today's movie industry.

"16 Secrets Revealed by Professional Screenwriters" is different. The author was able to use his Industry connections to get Successful Professional Screenwriters/and Television Writers to REVEAL A SECRET about what led to their SUCCESS.

This is the third e-book primer by a working screenwriting professional (member of the Writers Guild of America) who knows how to construct a well-written script people in the movie industry will notice.

His expertise comes from twenty years spent in the Hollywood studio system as a well-paid screenwriter and an independent film producer. The author is an award winning producer and screenwriter who has written screenplays for DreamWorks; Walt Disney; Sony; Warner Brothers; ABC; Fox TV; 20th Century Fox; Lion's Gate; Lifetime; and CBS. He has sold movie pitches in the six figures, been on the cover of "Variety" and the "Hollywood Reporter." and as an independent film producer he has twelve produced movies to his credit.

"16 Secrets Revealed by Professional Screenwriters" has 34,000 words of original content!
Like the other e-books in this series, there are Internet links to the movies referenced within the text. Included in this e-book is an "Appendix" that details the lessons from each chapter and can serve as a "checklist" for screenwriters as they write.

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