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The award-winning ©HEAP PROTECTION: COPYRIGHT HANDBOOK for SCREENPLAYS - Copyright Your Screenplays Without a Lawyer is the only book you'll ever need to protect your screenplays by yourself and save expensive legal fees.

So, you've put your heart and soul into your screenplay. Now what's the first thing you do?  Protect your baby by copyrighting it, of course. But not by mailing it in a sealed envelope to yourself or even registering it with the WGA.

"©heap Protection: Copyright Handbook for Screenplays" is the definitive "how to" copyright book specifically written for screenwriters in plain English, not legalese. Just follow step-by-step guides and filled-in sample copyright forms to register your scripts with the U.S. Copyright Office without a lawyer.

This all-access handbook is also filled with 208 pages of tips, tactics and strategies on fair use, public domain, infringement, ADR, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, international copyrights, publicity and privacy rights, and much more, including over 200 entertainment industry resources.

As a veteran Hollywood studio executive, entertainment attorney, writer/producer and Copyrights Professor, I share the secret that copyright lawyers don't want you to know -- how easy it is to copyright your screenplays yourself.  Then start writing your next blockbuster screenplay!

SPECIAL OFFER for purchasing the 5-volume set (COPYRIGHT HANDBOOKS for FILMS, SCREENPLAYS, TELEPLAYS, TV PROJECTS and MUSIC): Buy 4 GET 1 FREE (20% discount, plus ISA member discount).

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