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Custom Pitch Deck for your Screenplay

Busy agents and executives don't always have time to read your full script. It's becoming very common for them to request a pitch deck, which is a visual representation of your story, usually ranging from 5 to 15 pages. The pitch deck conveys not only the tone and theme of your screenplay, but also includes a professional and well-organized display of the following:

  • Logline
  • Story
  • Synopsis
  • Character Breakdowns (accompanied with head shots of actors you see in the role)
  • Art Direction
  • Location
  • Contact Information

The pitch deck is a cohesive and descriptive visual .pdf that can be sent alongside your script to producers, agents, etc. to give them a sense of you and your story. It helps them to envision your screenplay the way you want them to.

I am an experienced storyteller who has worked with Oscar-winning directors and designers. I use my creative expertise to help shape your vision and take your script to the next level. You tell me about your script, provide me with the basic copy and the ideas you want to convey, and I will create the rest. In the end you will have a polished, professional, digital .pdf pitch deck that acts as a visual calling card for your script.

$250 for full pitch deck draft, plus $30 for each additional 2 hour editing session of future drafts. 

E-mail: for further information.


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"Really great work, Courtnee, and thank you for churning this out so quickly!"

"I just finished flipping through it. It's friggin awesome!"

"Stunning! Well done."

"Love your aesthetic Courtnee - you are the best - looking forward to seeing how you elevate this story."

"This book is fab, Courtnee! Well done!"

"We’ll trust your creative instincts in terms of the story itself and the thematic images to use. You’ve read the draft, so you know the themes and messages we want to deliver."

"Great job!!! Looks incredible."