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Hollywood Deconstructed

Hollywood Deconstructed 


Dan Bronzite

A Scene By Scene Breakdown of 12 Hollywood Movies

This book contains comprehensive scene-by-scene outlines & analyses of 12 successful movies and is written by a produced screenwriter. As a film student or screenwriter, the book is an invaluable reference to how successful films in different genres are structured. Deconstructing a screenplay in this way helps writers understand the aspects of story structure we do not normally comprehend when watching a movie. The book can be read independently or as a companion to Movie Outline screenwriting software when writing your own script. Comparing the progression of these narratives and character arcs while writing your own project is highly recommended.

Breakdowns included:

* Dead Poets Society
* Die Hard
* Ghost
* Good Will Hunting
* Pretty Woman
* Scream
* Seven
* Spider-Man
* The Terminator
* There's Something About Mary
* True Romance
* When Harry Met Sally

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