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No B.S. For Screenwriters

At a Glance

  • Straightforward guide to selling your screenplay
  • Offers advice from a former development exec, now a successful script consultant
  • Definitively answers all your questions from an exec's POV

No B.S. For Screenwriters: Advice from the Executive Perspective by in-demand script consultant and former development executive Daniel Manus is a must-read for any writer who has wondered “What is an executive thinking?” or “Why don’t they see what I see?” Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned professional, No B.S. For Screenwriters E-Book will give you a new perspective on your script, your craft and the entertainment business in a fun, honest and informative style!


Topics in the book cover everything from pitching and pitchfests to how to read your script from the executive perspective, the top notes executives give on scripts, advice and tips on dialogue, tone, transitions, writing the period piece and the autobiography, the development process, loglines, treatments, one-sheets, query letters, synopses, branding, titles and much, much more!


Product Details
  • Manufacturer: No Bullscript Consulting
  • Date available: 10/11/2010
  • Publication date: 01/01/2010
  • Return policy: 30 days

Daniel Manus


Daniel Manus has been a development executive (Clifford Werber Productions, Sandstorm Films), producer, and in-demand script consultant in Hollywood for several years and is the founder of No BullScript Consulting. He was ranked in the top 15 “Cream of the Crop” Script Consultants by Creative Screenwriting Magazine, 2010, and is the author of “No B.S. for Screenwriters: Advice from the Executive Perspective.” He teaches seminars across the country and is a weekly columnist for The Business of Show Institute and Script Magazine’s website.