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( Not Just ) Another Book on the Craft of Screenwriting

The ISA’s Max Timm, Co-Head of the ISA Development Program, creator of the ISA’s 30-Day Screenwriting Challenge, and the President of The Story Farm Coaching & Development Service, goes beyond the rote and strictly educational approach to teaching a writer how to write in his debut book on the craft of screenwriting.

More than just plug and play or paint-by-numbers, the craft of screenwriting is an emotional, visceral, and at times painstaking process that presents a piece of the writer to an audience. But what is the reason for telling someone a story? How do we create a visceral response from the audience, and what does it take to create longevity and success in a business that is constantly changing and evolving?

While it does focus on the core elements of storytelling – Concept, Logistical Structure, Character Evolution, and Page Writing - (Not Just) Another Book on The Craft of Screenwriting also delves into the emotional, life changing, and evolutionary process that a writer experiences when developing story…and it’s told from a very personal and purposefully blunt approach by a fellow writer who is experiencing the same ups and downs as the reader.

A must read for any writer who (not just) wants a career in storytelling, but also for storytellers who wish to gain insight on the creative process in an uplifting, comedic, emotional, and story-first manner.

The book is available in Kindle and paperback versions.

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