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Everyone knows they have more scripts stacked on their desk than they will ever have time to read - while at the same time they spend hundreds of hours a year listening to music or podcasts while commuting, exercising, or doing the laundry.

That’s where SCRIPT SPEAKER comes in, our innovative script reading program that converts your script to an m3p file that can be listened to any time, anywhere, on any smart device. Whether in LA gridlock, riding the London subway or working out at the gym in Vancouver, you will be able to import scripts, and listen to a magically rich experience at your own convenience.

Hearing a script read is not only convenient, it also brings the script to life. Script Speaker helps you visualize the action and really get a feel for the flow of dialogue between the characters. Script Speaker not only offers one stop convenience, but also an intimate listening experience that far exceeds the simplistic text-to-voice options currently available. 

Script Speaker offers a free 3 script trial to everyone, but for ISA members we are upping that to 8 FREE SCRIPTS. That's right, upload 8 of your screenplays for free just by signing up up here on the ISA web site!

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