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Script Studio

Script Studio is award-winning creative writing software for screenwriters, playwrights & novelists that helps you plan your story outline, develop characters, structure your narrative and professionally format your movie script, stage play, television show or manuscript. It was developed by a produced screenwriter to take the complexity out of the script and novel writing process, allowing you to focus on your story while the software handles the industry standard formatting and pagination.

Its intuitive design is based on the principle of step-outlining which allows you to plan your cinematic structure scene by scene or novel chapter by chapter. You can color-code your structure into acts and sequences, use templates like "The Hero's Journey" and compare the progress of your own story side by side with scene by scene breakdowns and analyses of 12 successful Hollywood movies including Die Hard, Ghost, Pretty Woman, Scream & Spider-Man.

Script Studio uniquely offers an all-in-one story development package that takes your initial idea from concept to professionally formatted script, making it the ultimate writer's tool — now used by many Hollywood professionals. Script Studio is 100% cross-platform meaning your license key will work on both Mac and Windows and projects saved on either platform will always appear identical. The software fully supports Unicode text with diacritics and right-to-left text input for languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu. You can also download international dictionaries and thesauri for free to suit your region.

Script Studio is Retina / HiDPi aware and has a modern, intuitive user-interface design that allows Full Screen Mode and Night Mode. It has a myriad of helpful writing features such as a global Scratch Pad and FeelFactor story pacing and analysis charts, and powerful import and export options, including PDF, Rich Text, HTML, Fountain, Final Draft and Scheduling Format for production breakdowns.

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