9 Things Every Writer Needs, an ISAConnect Webinar with Max Timm

International Screenwriters' Association • 8 days ago

We love lists - here is an essential one

- Create a Character-Driven Finale
 - Dive into who you are as an artist and storyteller

For those of you who regularly attend Max Timm's monthly webinars, you know that he doesn't like using words like "need" with respect to approaching a relative art form like storytelling. Words like "always," "never," and "need" are too definitive, and we all know that as creative individuals, everything is relative. With that said, however...

The ISA's Director of Education, Consultant, and Development Exec, Max Timm, breaks some of his own rules as he discusses the nine things he's found over his 20+ career in screenwriting and the entertainment industry that are essential - that every writer and project needs. He admits that there are likely more than only nine, but we have to start somewhere (and again, every writer and script is relative).

As always Max answers as many questions as he can at the end. C'mon over and let's take a serious look into what a writer needs to find success in this crazy industry.