Breaking Down Ted Lasso - FREE Class w/ Max Timm

International Screenwriters' Association • 11 days ago

Join us for ISA Presents: Breaking Down Ted Lasso.

Learn how to develop your TV show using Ted Lasso as an example.

Learn how and why characters are central to a successful TV show.

Whether you've seen Apple TV's half-hour comedy, Ted Lasso, or not, Max Timm of the ISA will break down how the show works from a logistical level, but also why the show has received such high praise and acclaim from critics and audiences alike.


Half-Hour comedy has changed and evolved from the days of Taxi and Cheers, but the heart of the traditional sit-com remains the same - it's all about the characters. Ted Lasso goes above and beyond in their development of such enjoyable characters, and not just from a basic serialized approach. There is so much to discuss and cover in this event where the ISA's Director of Education and Co-VP of Development with Creative Screenwriter Productionss will use Ted Lasso as an example of how you can develop your own series (whether it's a half-hour comedy or an hour-long drama).

We, as creators, need to spend the time studying existing shows, and not only shows we love or intend to emulate. A free education exists in every single piece of television, so through this event Max will explain how to pay attention to what's happening, why, and when so that you, too, can create winning entertainment in the TV space.


Ted Lasso logline: Follows U.S. American football coach Ted Lasso who heads to the U.K. to manage a struggling London football team in the top flight of English football.