Insider News: Animation Cancellation, ISA Pitch Challenge & Hooray for Cinema Day!

International Screenwriters' Association • 26 days ago

Max & Shayna talk about the continued fallout of the Warner Discovery budget cuts, they provide some tips regarding the upcoming ISA Pitch Challenge and subject lines for query emails while also gearing up for National Cinema Day!

 * HBO Max’s animation cull shows it has no respect for creators -
 * Animators React As HBO Max Removes Close Enough, Infinity Train, OK KO, And More:
 * The Erasure of Cartoons from HBO Max Also Removes a Prolific Moment of Animation History -
 * Insider: Do you need an outline?
 * Good News - National Cinema Day:
 * Virtual Pitch Challenge:


Time Stamps:
0:00 - Intro / Medieval Times
2:39 - HBO Max / Warner Discovery's Animation Cancellation
7:20 - Insider: Do you need to outline?
10:44 - ISA Event: Pitch Challenge
12:30 - Max's Elevator Pitch tip
14:40 - Watching: House of the Dragon
15:45 - Watching: Nope
17:35 - Watching: For all Mankind & Resident Alien
18:40 - Twitter Q: Subject line for query email
23:00 - Good News: Cinema Day