Insider News: Golden Globes for Sale, What Classic Films Have You Missed + Dracula Moth Named Anna

International Screenwriters' Association • 6 days ago

Max & Shayna discuss a variety of topics ranging from the implications of the sale of the Golden Globes award ceremony to how and why you should prep for a general meeting. Plus, they share some shameful secrets and talk about a creepy moth.

Time Stamps:
0:00 - Intro
1:15 - Top Story: Sale of the Golden Globes ceremony
7:30 - Insider News: Lee Jessup on general meetings
11:22 - Insider Video: Nickelodeon presentation on general meetings
11:55 - Be a nerd for your craft
13:44 - Watching: The Bear
15:18 - Watching: The Most Hated Man on the Internet
16:45 - Watching: The Outfit
17:40 - Watching: The Day that I Died
18:20 - Not Watching: The Gray Man
19:00 - Twitter Q: What's a classic film that you haven't seen
23:59 - Weird News: Dracula Moth Named Anna

 - Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. approves sale of Golden Globes assets to Todd Boehly:
 - The WRAP: Inside the HFPA’s Heated Golden Globes Sale – What Will Hollywood Do Now?
 - Lee Jessup: The Screenwriter’s Guide to General Meetings
 - Nick Writing Video:
 - Twitter Question:
 - AFI Top 100 List:
 - Imperial Moth Spotted With Name ‘Anna’ Spelled Out on its Back Below a Face: