Insider News: Stranger Things & Top Gun Dominate Memorial Day Weekend

• 25 days ago

Max & Shayna discuss the huge weekend that saw the launch of the latest season of "Stranger Things" and the long awaited sequel to "Top Gun."

Time Stamps:
0:00 - Top Story: Top Gun's BIG opening weekend
4:25 - A look at $100M opening weekends
6:41 - '80s Nostalgia
9:04 - 12 Helpful Tips on Beginning a Scene
12:20 - What we're watching: New season of Stranger Things
20:43 - What we're watching: Obi-Wan Kenobi series
23:11 - New Fellowship: Sky Blue Script Writing Contest
25:15 - Good News: New AMC theater opening

 - Top Gun Rules Once Again:
 - Is Nostalgia bringing big bucks in Hollywood?
 - Kate Bush song flew to #1 on Itunes
 - Opening Weekend and Box Office Mojo Top Lists:

12 Helpful Tips On Beginning a Scene: Hollywood Health & Society (Norman Lear Center at the USC School of Comm) have just announced their first Blue Sky Scriptwriting Contest. They are accepting entries for TV stories that take place in a future in which we would actually aspire to live and thrive. Instead of the standard dystopian landscape, think environmental sustainability, a fair and equitable society, and a world without war.

Industry-focused good news article: