Introducing Beth Hanna, an ISA Top 25 Screenwriter to Watch in 2021

International Screenwriters' Association • 15 days ago

Beth is a novelist and screenwriter who's consistently drawn to thriller, horror, and crime. Her stories almost always center on complex female characters who are trying to exorcise that unshakable demon called the past.

As a result, certain themes arise in her writing again and again -- issues surrounding control, power, trauma, and the need to be heard. She's also intrigued by the tension of shared space (hello, pandemic), and our innate need as humans to be constantly watching one another. Spying, snooping, voyeurism, you name it.

Beth's writing is marked by sharp dialogue, elegant but simple narrative prose, and pages that turn swiftly. She tries to write the kind of films she wants to watch -- a slow but steady burn, filled with dread. Think MIDSOMMAR, THE INVISIBLE MAN, GONE GIRL or ZODIAC (actually pretty much anything by David Fincher).

Beth has a cinephile background. She's been a film programmer and a film journalist, and has a masters degree in cinema studies from UCLA. She loves paying homage to film history in her writing, whether it's referencing an obscure noir, or playing with a classic movie's setup and giving it a twist.

Beth's script THE TAR was a Second Rounder in the 2020 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition. Her script THE REAPPEARANCE is a quarterfinalist in the 2020 Final Draft Big Break Screenplay Competition.