Introducing Fast Track Fellow, Jeremy Leder

International Screenwriters' Association • 10 days ago

Jeremy Leder is a writer from Long Island, NY. No, he doesn't have an accent. Yes, he does love the beach. And don't tell anyone, but he's a soppy romantic at heart. His writing is often rooted in love: how we end up in it, why we fall out of it, and how we make it last. His stories are funny and sad and sometimes a bit outlandish, but that's what love is. It's finding the humor in hardship, the hope in loss, and the deeper story underneath the surface premise. That’s resulted in a host of scripts that tend to make you laugh and then, not long after, cry. These stories have seen him place in the Austin Film Festival, Page International Screenwriting Awards, BlueCat Screenplay Competition, and the ISA Fast Track Fellowship as the Drama Winner and 2022 Fellow.