Introducing Jordan Trippeer, an ISA Top 25 Screenwriter to Watch in 2021

International Screenwriters' Association • 24 days ago

Jordan Trippeer is a produced writer whose eclectic mind, adventurous childhood and preference for The X-Files over Sesame Street while growing up set the course for her creative future. She has developed a daring writing style that contrasts and complements her demure persona and her work has been lauded for its “fascinating, flawed characters, immersive world building, and mischievous originality.”

While genre agnostic, her film and tv writing primarily focuses on underdogs, outsiders, and everymen encountering the extraordinary and fantastical in their grounded lives.

Raised by a nomadic family, Jordan’s life has been one endless adventure. She’s luged into volcano calderas in New Zealand, pulled dinosaur vertebrae and gold nuggets from the earth of the American southwest, and cradled cobras in Morocco. At some point while unwittingly retracing Columbus’s route to the Americas, she fell in love with film, television, and the written word and realized that she wanted to be a screenwriter and novelist.

Since arriving in Los Angeles, Jordan’s early successes have included two projects for Academy-Award-nominated actor and producer James Franco, The Labyrinth, an experimental anthology of strange fiction stories that premiered at ScreamFest, and Don Quixote, a lighthearted adventure starring Carmen Argenziano and Horatio Sanz, about Spain’s most enduring legendary figure, that premiered at the Palm Springs Film Festival. Both are now available on Amazon and Netflix. Her short pilot, Black Night, the story of super-powered teenagers escaping from government captivity, is also currently streaming on Amazon and Most recently, her narrative documentary Painting Anna, screened to rave reviews at the Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival and was released on Amazon.

To date, Jordan’s writing talents have been recognized by prominent competitions and writing programs. She has earned spots in PROJECT HER, the highly regarded female filmmaker incubator sponsored by Conde Nast and Indigenous Media where she was mentored by Lesli Linka Glatter (Homeland, Gilmore Girls), as well as the DMG Entertainment Screenwriting Fellowship and the Industry Insider Competition with Ed Saxon. She has been a finalist for the Universal Screenwriters Program and the Academy Nicholl Fellowship, and her script Providence made the 2019 Hit List.

Currently, her socially conscious sci-fi pilot ASCENSION, about a world where every aspect of a person’s life is affected by their social score, is a finalist for the Screencraft TV Pilot Script Competition and her serial killer thriller HOTEL CALIFORNIA was recently named a finalist for Fimmatic's Horror Screenplay Awards.

Jordan is currently seeking representation. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Richmond, as well as a Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Screen & Television from USC. When not being a creator of worlds, she enjoys hiking, roadtripping, and volunteering at the humane society.