Introducing Lisa Jay Top 25 Screenwriter to Watch in 2021

International Screenwriters' Association • 18 days ago

Lisa is a feature writer focusing on horrors and thrillers with supernatural and psychological themes. A lifelong interest in the supernatural began after growing up in a haunted house in the Midwest. With a great grandmother that owned a palm reading shop and psychics on both sides of the family, it's a trait that has been passed down and the reason ghosts and spirits seem to be attracted to her. Raised in a poor family, she was the only one to attend college. She received a BFA in painting which, of course, helped her become an extremely interesting cocktail waitress for many years. Richly developed characters are a trademark of her scripts, as well as deeply researched folklore and period accuracy. Coverfly writes in their endorsement, "Lisa has a tremendous command of tone and setting with stellar feature samples of the mindf*ck variety."


She received the Final Draft Fellowship for Stowe StoryLabs 2020. On The Bitchlist 2020. Grand Prize winner of Stage 32's Search for New Blood competition 2020, and was a finalist for: Blacklist Labs, Cassian Elwes Sundance Fellowship, 3rd place in the Cinestory Fellowship, ISA Fellowship for Stowe Story Labs, and a two-time finalist for the Screencraft Fellowship.


She currently resides in Monterey, California.