Introducing Paige VanTassell, an ISA Top Screenwriter to Watch in 2021

International Screenwriters' Association • 1 year ago

Paige VanTassell likes to say that her scripts contain equal parts "heart and fart," and so far no one has stopped her. She writes absurdist, female-driven pilots, loves animation, and has been called a huge nerd more than once. She'd respond to these allegations, but is currently busy spending quarantine watching all of Star Trek in chronological order.


Paige grew up in North Carolina but never adopted the term “y’all” because she wanted to be unique. In college, Paige thought her love for the show Scrubs meant she should pursue medicine. After seeing several patients die while shadowing an ER doctor, Paige decided she just liked sitcoms.


Since then, Paige’s scripts have placed in many notable competitions: Top Three in Final Draft Big Break, Winner of Seriesfest Storytellers Initaitive, and two-time Semi-Finalist at Austin Film Festival, to name a few. She co-wrote and co-produced a web series, Comedic Timing, which screened at Catalyst Film Festival (formerly ITVfest) in 2019 and is currently featured on Whohaha.


Paige moved to LA four years ago and, after working as support staff in multiple writers’ rooms, just got her first writing job! She currently works for Wonderstorm and is writing on the Emmy-award-winning animated series, The Dragon Prince.