ISA Insider News: How to Create More Screenplay Ideas & Emmy Nominations Announced

International Screenwriters' Association • 27 days ago

Shayna & Max tough it out through COVID to bring this one to you, discussing the importance of constantly generating new screenplay Ideas & the just-announced Emmy Nominations.


0:00 - Top Story: Emmy Changes & Nominations
6:52 - ISA Insider: Matt Lieberman - Finding Unique Screenplay Ideas
11:13 - ISA Insider: Working Backwards Through Your Story
14:25 - What We're Watching: The Bear
17:45 - What We're Watching: Only Murders in the Building Season 2
18:17 - What We're Watching: Stranger Things
18:29 - What We're Watching: The Old Man
19:41 - ISA Event: 9 Things Every Writer Needs
20:06 - Twitter Question: 1 Piece of Advice You'd Give Your Younger Self
24:11 - Good News: Moses West Foundation & Atmospheric Water Generators

 - Emmy Nominations - Sure Things and Shocking Snubs:
 - Emmy Commentary:
 - ISA Article - “Find Your Ironic Hook of an Idea,” Screenwriter Matt Lieberman:
 - ISA Article - The End is Just the Beginning:
 - Twitter: From @BlueCatWriters: What's one piece of advice you would give to yourself when you first started out?:
 - Good News - The Moses West Foundation: