ISA Presents: Scene Crafting w/ Max Timm and Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch

International Screenwriters' Association • 6 months ago

Join the ISA in the most unique event we've hosted yet; a scene crafting exercise that will showcase some of the ISA's Top 25 Screenwriters To Watch and how they approach writing a scene and in real-time. Three writers will be asked to take part in a live event, hosted by the ISA's Director of Education Max Timm, where they will write a scene - no longer than five pages - per predetermined story and scene elements. The writers will receive the same story element prompts, and the audience will get to see not only what they came up with from a scene story perspective, but how they format the page, scene direction, dialogue, everything.


The ISA notices quite often that a lot of writers have questions about proper formatting, and this event is meant to deliver education while keeping it fun and active. Our host, Max Timm, will discuss the creative decisions made by each of the writers, while also allowing all three writers to chat about their personal preferences when it comes to delivering a scene on the page.