ISATheCraft: Breaking Down the Squid Game Pilot

International Screenwriters' Association • 1 month ago

Join us for Breaking Down the Squid Game Pilot - an ISA Connect Webinar w/ Max Timm

-Take a look at how structure works
-The impact of character development on a series
-How concept dictates structure

You've probably seen it, or at least heard about it - Netflix's Squid Game. Whether you've seen the pilot or not, the ISA's Director of Education will break down how the pilot episode works, why it works, and why it became the most-watched series in Netflix history.

Just like he did with Stranger Things and Ted Lasso, Max will go through the pilot in detail. Yes, there will be spoilers, however he is purposely NOT watching the rest of the season so that he can focus on just how and why the pilot works the way it does (and maybe give some predictions as to what he believes might happen in future episodes).

There's a lot of information presented in a short amount of time, so be sure to bring your thinking caps and notepads. Lots to review!