Table Read My Screenplay Award-Winning Script: Suicide At Noon

Table Read My Screenplay • 8 months ago

Congrats to Merrit Schmidt, Award-Winning screenwriter of the dark comedy "Suicide at Noon."

Beth - Melissa Ortiz -
Marty - John Huck -
Angela - Ayla Rose Bureau -
Richard - Peter Eric Zizzo -
Bud - Amery Thao -
Garth - Zachariah Axel -
Michael - Ian Delaney -
Seymour - Leo Hernandez -
Abby - Amy Tolsky -
Krissa - Susan Louise O’Connor -
Anna Mae - Nika Khitrova -

A Table Read Will Give You an Advantage and is Critical to Success Sharpen your dialogue, fine tune pacing, character and other important elements of your script by watching it performed live. The Table Read My Screenplay Grand Prize winner will receive a live table read of their winning script followed by a roundtable with industry executives answering questions and giving crucial feedback and reflection. Plus, they'll be accepted onto the ISA Development Slate, where over 80 scripts have been produced, optioned, or sold.

Winning Table Read…changed the trajectory of my career and amplified my hard work in ways both wonderful and unexpected. I’ve pushed deep into the space where my writing goals have been – I found some amazing representation at Magnet Management and been hired to write two TV movies.” R.B. Ripley (TRMS New Orleans)