TV & Film Industry Wisdom Bit - Discipline of Time - Matthew Carauddo & Suzanne Gundersen

Screenwritenow • 17 days ago

Industry Wisdom Bits is a video series that includes mini interviews with tv & film industry professionals who share one golden nugget of wisdom that helped them in their career.


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Suzanne Gundersen, Founder of is an Inner Story Consultant who works with individuals and groups, to get them focused into their creative rhythm & flow. She specializes in helping writers’ clear blocks (personal & creative), get pitch ready (build confidence), and transform their personal hero's journey to connect with their deepest emotional truth.

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In this video, meet Matthew Carauddo, a writer. He's also a retired fencing instructor and former competitive athlete, actor, singer, V.O. artist, and previous fight work choreographer, performer, and martial artist. After over thirty years of work related to storytelling and drama (cherishing the works of George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin, Poe, Shakespeare, and more), Mr. Carauddo embarked upon his own hero's journey to create the world, lore, artifacts, characters and stories of "Diamond Dragons."

Originally written as a feature-length screenplay (2018-2019), Matthew adapted the story into a book in August/September of 2020. He continues to pursue acting, singing, and voice-over work, and is also working on "Diamond Dragons II"...

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