TV & Film Industry Wisdom Bits – Find Your Writing Pace – Ingrid Ever & Suzanne Gundersen

Screenwritenow • 5 months ago

In this video, meet Ingrid Ever, she shares her industry wisdom bit about Finding Your Writing Pace.

The most brilliant student of French in the town of Lithuania is attacked by her brother who tries to kill her. Some neighbors save her, but then she is abandoned by her parents who blame her for the brother’s imprisonment. Orphaned, without a home and nobody to care for her, the girl attempts suicide, when suddenly, an offer of adoption arrives from France. The family lives in a castle.

It sounds like the logline of a film, but instead, it is the summary of one of my real-life experiences. A tragic event which I have transformed into film through the method called The Ever Method.

Saved from attempted murder and blamed by my parents for my brother’s imprisonment, I became homeless and a burden for my family. My suicide attempt became the key on how to live my life like a movie.

To overcome the most difficult moments, I had to transform what was happening to me into events adapted to film technology, becoming the screenwriter of my life.

On the verge of killing myself, because I had become a poor orphan teenager, my mindset saved my life. So, I became the protagonist of a film. My brother’s aggression and my family’s rejection forced me to start a new adventure. That “Catalyst” as it is called in screenwriting, would help me to enter the next stage of my existence. In a different life. In a new world. And I was ready to grab any opportunity which was offered. When the news came that I would live in a French castle, I knew I was about to enter the second act of my life story. The Ever method saved me and so it can save other people. This is how I started collecting stories of real people in order to transform their life into a film.

With Real Stories Bank this goal can really be achieved, because I and my team select the most captivating stories and adapt them for the film genre. Real Stories Bank is an archive which contains all the stories of real people, adapted for the screen.