TV & Film Industry Wisdom Bits – Go with the Flow - Andrew Chiaramonte & Suzanne Gundersen

Screenwritenow • 12 months ago

In this video, meet Andrew Chiaramonte, who shares an industry wisdom bit about going with the flow.

Adam’s Package was produced by Chiaramonte Films, Inc. and was written and directed by Andrew Chiaramonte and co-written by Emmett Alston. The film stars: Andrew Rogers, Serena Hendrix, Shay Denison, Tim Mollen, Amy Newman, Giovanni Navarro, Ramel El, Rashida Diva Shabazz, Zoquera Milburn, Allana Matheis, Frank Rubio, Aion Boyd, Anthony Di Carlo, Tom Kocher, Jessica Weiner, David Meza and Colleen Hart.

Everybody wants to get their hands on ADAM’S PACKAGE - a new “out-of-this-world comedy” streaming on major platforms September 17, 2021 available on Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu and more.

The film named ‘BEST COMEDY’ and ‘BEST FEATURE’ stars Andrew Rogers (Wicked) and Serena Hendrix (Mank) - as Professional Model Adam finds himself in danger as his hot new romance with fellow model Eve heats up. They are both available for interviews.