TV & Film Industry Wisdom Bits – Working Writers Write! Stu Kreisman & Suzanne Gundersen

Screenwritenow • 26 days ago

Stuart Kreisman’s career started in 1975 after viewing the premier of Saturday Night Live. Two days after it aired he and his future writing partner Chris Cluess, stayed up all night and wrote 200 pages of sketches. After presenting them to SNL and with the help of Dan Ackroyd, they were allowed to observe the iconic first season of the show. That connection led to a position at National Lampoon magazine where they became contributing editors. That led to apprenticeship with comedian Alan King, who invited them to Los Angeles to write on his special, which led to them moving to LA, just in time to move to Toronto and Edmonton for a year writing SCTV (Second City Television) for which he won an Emmy. From there it was on to sit-coms, writing, then producing and then show running such shows as Cheers, Night Court, Newhart and many others. He also created “Madman of the People” starring Dabney Coleman which ran for a year on NBC. Stu has also ghostwritten the shooting scripts for a few feature films, which is sworn to secrecy not to reveal. He wrote for the Huffington Post for ten years, a column that was a mixture of politics, media commentary and just plain silly stuff. He is also the author of “Dick Cheney’s Diary”, which started as a weekly blog post for a satirical site and eventually published in book form. He is most proud of the fact that the state of Alabama banned the satirical site because of his Diary posts.

He currently does consulting work on various projects but puts most of his energy into trying to shed the twenty five pounds he’s gained over the past year.