Why You Should Have a Pitch Deck and How to Create One

International Screenwriters' Association • 1 year ago

In this webinar, we will start with a discussion on pitch decks and then our guest, graphic designer Luke Sharp, will teach you all how to format and start building your own pitch deck on a free online design platform.

In the discussion, we will explore:
*What a pitch deck is and what is their purpose.
*How a pitch deck can help you as a writer.
*What should be included in a pitch deck for maximum visual effect.

In the class, Luke will show you:
*How to format your pitch deck with an easy template design.
*How many pages should you include and what goes on each page.
*How to find the best images for your pitch deck.
*And so much more!

Luke Sharp is a graphic design and writer who specializes in developing pitch materials for film and TV. Born and raised in Australia, he has called the USA home since 2016. Luke has worked on projects for clients including Sundance winners, independent filmmakers and various production companies. Long term he aspires to produce his own projects and continue to help others get their projects into production.