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Get your script pitch ready.

1st 20 Pages Notes
ISAConnect $29
  • A one-page examination focused exclusively on the 1st 20 pages.
  • Perfect for writers looking to enrich their character intros, tighten their first act, and hook readers with a clear style.
  • Provides a snapshot of how your work is received at a glance.
  • Reflects the "1st 20 only," reading that occurs in the early rounds of certain contests and at development studios.
Full Script Notes
ISAConnect $59
  • Up to three pages of notes covering your entire screenplay.
  • Receive actionable criticism to expand upon your narrative's existing strengths and identify any potential concerns.
  • Refine your work's characters, dialogue, plot, structure, and formatting.
  • Fine-tune your project before submitting to agents, managers and development executives.
Deep Dive Notes
ISAConnect $89
  • Up to five pages of notes, expanding on Full Script Notes, with a greater emphasis on specificity and challenging commentary.
  • Develop and expand upon early drafts or re-writes to dissect problem areas.
  • Breakdown of each of your scripts fundamental elements, including overall concept, structure, character and page work/voice.
  • Ready your project for contests, writing gigs and industry professionals.
Development Evaluation
ISAConnect $149
Are you ready for more than notes on your script?
  • Includes Deep Dive Notes, plus your project will be evaluated for acceptance onto the ISA Development Slate. Slate projects and writers are championed by the ISA Development Team to partnering agents, managers and producers in an effort to get you repped, sell your scripts and help you on to the next step.

Notes That Produce Results

Our script coverage has received accolades and praise from beginning writers to seasoned pros and all levels in between. We have a proven track record of helping writers to make tangible, constructive changes to their work, often leading to production deals, contest wins and representation.

Balbeer Bahi
Screenwriter | Director | Producer
The reviewer was very positive about the characters and overall tone and feelings generated by the script, which is really helpful in encouraging me to keep developing it.
Judy Abingdon
I can tell that the reader really got into the reading matter as their notes show a detailed understanding of the script. Their love for the craft shines through with every constructive comment.
Melissa White
(The feedback) is extremely helpful, and contains some very actionable and easy to implement suggestions for improvement. This is the best feedback I've received yet!
Kelly McKain
The reader has a great depth of understanding of the craft and sets a really high standard for both their assessment and the script itself.
Linda Federico-O’Murchu
The feedback I received was excellent! The reader clearly gave a lot of serious thought to my story and characters. Their impressions were perceptive, and their voice was kind.
Patricia Karlak
I am delighted by my notes. My reviewer provided actionable suggestions and didn’t sugarcoat her opinion. Please send my gratitude to her for believing in my script and its prospects.
David Sanders
I am impressed with the detail, specificity, and overall usefulness of the comments. The notes are very clear on both the strengths and weaknesses of this first draft, and they give me both inspiration and a roadmap for moving forward with much-needed revision.
Sandra Lince
Screenwriter | Director
Thank you so much for these excellent notes. Filled with kind comments and actionable advice...Much appreciated.

Readers with Studio Experience

Our readers aren’t just screenwriters, they’re trained
script analysts whose past clients include:

The Most Finely Tuned and Focused Notes in the Industry
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