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Billie Bates is an award-winning screenwriter with a background in script consultation and script supervision. Billie's family Halloween script, SPIRIT HALLOWEEN, was the winner of its genre at the 2018 Nashville Film Festival and also earned her a fellowship for NYWIFT's The Writers Lab - supported by Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman, and was optioned by TURNER/WARNER MEDIA. Billie's romantic comedy THE BAIT was recently optioned by CONFLUENTIAL FILMS.
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I work for myself as an investment advisor by day and write screenplays for fun in the evenings. I've always been a big movies guy since I was a kid. I've written about ten screenplays, mostly comedies. Recently, I like the challenge of mixing up a couple of different genres.
Award winning Screenwriter (Last American Lynching) with completed feature (Road 2 Sturgis) currently screening on amazon prime and complete first season of sports travel show(Tailgate Tripping) available for acquisition.Currently working as a cbs television news reporter with gear ideas for new projects.
Born Chicago, IL, USA BA in History - Lewis University Masters in Public Administration - Governors State University Film Credits: Find Me Guilty (feature film) - screenplay The Other Side of Capone (documentary) - screenplay
Originally from Northwestern Connecticut, Ariel Relaford is an Orange County-based writer working across the Horror and Thriller genres. Her love of writing drove her to pursue a B.A. in English from Quinnipiac University prior to earning her M.B.A from the same university. Working as a professional marketer in the entertainment industry, she dabbles in Theatre and Film as both an actress and producer in her spare time.
Danielle Evenson & Heather Huntington are one comedy-writing brain divided over two bodies. Danielle handles: caffeine, alcohol, first drafts, professional correspondence, executive decisions and push-up bras. Heather handles: all non-breakfast foods, outlines, research, second drafts, logic police, and nerd activities. Between the two of them they have staffed on The New Adventures of Old Christine, Frankenstein MD, MGM HD’s Craft and the 2018 CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase; placed in the Nicholl and Austin Film Festival, sold pilots to Fullscreen and FableLabs, been shortlisted for Sundance New Voices, and won Tracking Board's 2017 Best Comedy pilot. They're fresh off a summer at the incubator The Orchard Project and are ready to develop.
I am an African-American screenwriter from Westchester, IL. Having minor success as a published author, I am looking to expand into the film industry. My portfolio of work includes several feature length contest winning screenplays.
Lois Tiller is a writer, filmmaker and speaker. She’s also an outspoken advocate for horse rescue organizations and wild horse habitat protection. A wandering storyteller within the Kingdom of the Horse, Lois lives, works and podcasts from Los Angeles. She’s available to travel for speaking engagements. Learn more at https://www.loistiller.com/
My name is Kyle McNamara, I recently moved to Los Angeles from the Caribbean to pursue a career in all aspects of Indepedant Production. I'm a screenwriter, actor and aspiring producer who wants to make movies that shine a light on social injustices, movies that make a difference. I've spent much of my life doing volunteer work in other countries and my own, but I would like to make a difference on a larger level.
I graduated from USC's Undergraduate Professional Writers Program and while there, I won the Edward W. Moses Prize for Excellence in Fiction Writing, the program’s highest honor. My screenplay BORDERLAND won the Grand Prize in Final Draft Magazine's Big Break International Screenplay Contest. I am also the only writer in the contest's history to have two scripts land in the Top Ten in the same contest year -- my sci-fi script MINUS MEN being the second script.
I'm a business consultant and a self-taught screenwriter. The exposure I acquired while studying and working in North America, Europe and Africa bestowed upon me the ability to have colorful characters populate my writing. The script brings a breath of fresh air to the thriller genre by having an active female protagonist saving her Prince Charming.
About Andrea Adler In the 70’s, Andrea appeared as an actress on Broadway 
in Neil Simon’s “Chapter Two,” and on TV shows including: “Police Woman,” “The Bob Newhart Show,” and “Executive Suite.” She was a member of “Café La Mama,” the improvisational theater group “The Groundlings,” and the Actors Studio. She also studied with Stella Adler and co-wrote and directed three videos for the American Film Institute. Adler became a journalist for The Times Herald Record, in upstate New York, and received a $60,000 grant from Senator Cook to create the Off Off Main Street Theater Company after three suicides occurred at a local high school. The company toured for eight years. Hired to place The Council on Alcohol and Drug...
Christie Cook is a writer, stand up comic and sketch performer with a love for acting and humour. She has a keen desire to satirise institutional mores and humankind’s obsession with creating egotistical meaning from nothing important. Having studied sketch writing through The Second City & majoring in Performance Studies at Sydney University, she brings frivolity and analytical logic to bear on asinine good fun. Her comedic underpinnings were solidified through a number of institutions including; Improv Australia and NIDA. Consequently, she hopes to make a career out of comedy writing and performing. Her former life was as a high school teacher of Drama, English and History. Before embarking on comedy writing, she also wrote study guides and film reviews for ATOM magazine (Australian Teachers of...
Shaun Monson is the writer and director of the film, EARTHLINGS, and UNITY. His previous credits include the documentary, HOLY WAR, UNHOLY VICTORY, which focused on the rise of the Taliban after September 11, 2001. He also wrote and directed the certified Dogme 95 film, BAD ACTORS, which premiered at the Marche du Film of the Cannes Film Festival in 2001. He founded Nation Earth in 1999 as a means to produce educational and enlightening films and other media.
Co-author, Connected To Goodness - top 10 national bestseller (2014), Idiots to Monsters (2019) Screenwriter - Besty Baby, In Touch With The Wow and The Now, Kick Butt, Le Boucher, Spoiled, The Fast and the Hazardous, The Last Resistance Fighters Contributing writer – Emmy award-winning series “Venturing”, VT Public Television, 1990-1991 Book, music and lyrics – “Special Deliveries” June 2012 Showcase Production, VT Actors Repertory Theater and Paramount Theatre, NYC Workshop production Developed tv procedural drama for Executive VP at CBS Pending host for new program on start-up New England Food and Travel Network Numerous other writing projects in the works. Represented by Blair Silver, Blair Silver & Company LLC, Entertainment Management.JD University of...
After spending over 20 years as a top tier award-winning executive sales and marketing representative in various industries including several top New York world-wide fashion designer houses, and then moving to IT, David Marsa is now selling himself. David's charismatic, charming, personable, and chameleon personality and good looks, advanced David in the position to become one of the most sought after mature male models. His interests lie in modeling for brands and their respective agencies, for magazine layouts, catalogs, on-line and television advertisements. His astute knowledge of sales and marketing behind the scenes gives him an advantage and understanding of how every piece of a campaign must reflect the brand's intention. David who has just started this new chapter in his life recently signed a non-exclusive...
I am an Associate Director in the Office of Disability in Chicago. I have been writing for quite awhile as an outlet. Upon the passing of an uncle, I took more of an interest in the endeavor, and wrote my first screeplay based on a story he inspired. That story won the runner-up award at the 2012 Beverly Hills Film Festival. Another story I wrote, which I feature on this site, has scored well on Coverfly.
2008 Final Draft 'Big Break' finalist. 2012 Alberta Screenwriters Competition finalist. In 2013 I applied for (and received) an AFA grant to research and write a bio-pic based on the life of John Ware. In 2014 I applied for (and received) an AFA grant to research and write a screenplay adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s novella Heart of Darkness.
Rich spent over half a decade in journalism and corporate communications. He learned that everybody has a story that should be heard. His story in film started during high school, which led to a Telecommunications & Film degree from the University of Alabama. Rich used those storytelling skills for many mediums, including MLB Advanced Media, a major news website, and a documentary. Real-life experience at a relatively young age lent Rich to pen three scripts. He's written two screenplays and a TV pilot. Contact him to learn more. He has limited acting experience but is vigilant in changing that. He also envisions directing a film before it's all said and done.
Rob Michaelson was born and raised in Skokie, Illinois to a family of very loud and opinionated Soviet immgrants. After a needless degree in Political Science was attained, he meandered around Chicago for some years, gathering up material for what would be a transformative foray into film and tv writing. His biggest project to date is his debut feature, Warning, starring Thomas Jane, Annabelle Wallis, and Rupert Everett, and it is due for release in 2020. Some have called him a hidden gem in the world of screenwriting, but when pressed for who has said that, he struggles to come up with actual names of people.
Author, screenwriter, and transgender advocate currently based in the UK. Nicola's highly acclaimed memoir, "Tea and Transition" - a story of love, the human spirit, and how one man became one woman, was published in 2015. She is now focusing on "Losing It Twice," a feature film variation and continuation of her story, garnering industry support for its production.
Amanda taught school for 17 years. She has finally found time to write. She started to write screenplays in graduate school, but the need for money called her to a job which allowed no time for anything of the extracurricular nature. She is married and raising two middle schoolers. Amanda is hopeful and willing to work in order to sell a script. She is having a blast creating stories!
Tammy Klembith, and her writing partner, George Klembith, are an LA-based writing team who specialize in comedy and horror. Tammy has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from New York University in Film and Television and George graduated from UC Berkeley. Produced writers, their romantic comedy, CHRISTMAS SCAVENGER HUNT, debuted on the Hallmark Channel in 2019. They wrote a one-hour pilot, DUAL ARRANGEMENT, and half-hour episode, GIRL POWER, which both aired on BLK Prime Originals. Tammy wrote, directed, and produced a horror short film that garnered 11 Best Horror Short awards, 3 Best Director, and 3 Best Web Series/TV Pilot, among other festival wins.
6th place winner of the 2019 Table Read My Screenplay Contest!
David Hutter is a London-based screenwriter who tackles both social issues and personal dilemmas in humorous ways, offering a unique perspective. In 2018, his satirical novella "Fake News — Strange Historical Facts Reimagined in the World of Donald Trump" was named as one of the 10 best books on Trump's presidency by British newspaper The Independent — the only satire on the list. In 2020, his feature scripts "Those Guys" and "Roll With It" were both named as "screenplays of outstanding quality" at the British Independent Film Festival. David's sitcom "Home Truths" was rated in the top 1% for both concept and dialogue, and in the top 4% for plot, by WeScreenplay. David is represented by The Robb Company in Los Angeles for "Home Truths."
BRANDON GOINS (Exec. Producer/Creator/Actor/Writer) co-owner of THE USUAL BS PRODUCTIONS, has worked in the entertainment industry for over 15 years in a variety of capacities including actor, writer, stuntman, director, and producer. Brandon's most recent projects include Amazon’s 8x Emmy nominated series,Tainted Dreams, in which he received 2 Emmy nominations (2017 & 2018) as the show’s Story Producer and co-writer. Brandon also created and co-wrote the award winning indie comedy, VIRAL. A member of both SAG/AFTRA and Actors's Equity, Brandon was just recently seen starring in the hit Off-Broadway production of My Big Gay Italian Wedding and the sequel, My Big Gay Italian Funeral in NYC. Fellow co-owner of THE USUAL BS PRODUCTIONS and 3x Emmy winning director/producer, Sonia...
Award winning writerBased in Scotland, UKPreviously University Professor in Psychology, Glasgow Scotland.Published novels: The Man who knew Time (SciFi); Mardoc(SciFi); The cosmic assassin(SciFi); The sorcerer of Marakan (SciFi).On Kindle: Simularium (SciFi) Cossack (War); The Pole of Inaccessibility (SciFi). Kaiserjaeger (War).Just published: The War and Hannah Thaller (War).Screenplays in progress:Drava/Cossack - nominated for best original screenplay at the London international Festival of Film, 2018; winner of the West Field Screenplay Award, 2015. The Last Cossack - winner of the Vertov Award for Best Original Screenplay at the 2018 Moscow Indie Film Festival.The Partner, Science Fiction.The Guitar Maker - Short, flamenco fairy-tale nominated finalist at this year's Rebel Seed Film & Script Showcase. Now in...
I am a Colorado native and split my time between Colorado and California. I enjoy screen writing and the process of creating something that has not existed before. My first script was a tribute to my best friend, Marc, who passed away. We talked about writing a screenplay where two best friends, who begin playing poker in high school, fight through adversity and go on to win the World Series of Poker. Basically, the Rocky of poker. Though we did not get to write it together, in honor of him, I committed to writing it. I read a few screenwriting books, took a class and partnered with a co-writer. Eighteen months, 147 pages (I know now!) and one incredible learning experience later, it was done. For my first effort, it was pretty good (It’s much better now if you’re listening Mr. Spielberg). The...
Raised by nomadic parents, Jordan has visited 49 states and dozens of countries. Adventure was a mainstay of their travels, allowing her to luge down volcanoes in New Zealand, fossil hunt across the American southwest, indulge in month-long camping expeditions and meet isolated cultures from around the world. Through her travels, she saw the best and worst in people, which influenced her to write about characters who live their lives by the Winston Churchill quote, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” She graduated with BAs in Journalism and Biology from the University of Richmond, and holds an MFA in Writing for Screen & Television from USC. She has been a screenwriting fellow for DMG Entertainment and Project Her, as well as a finalist for the Universal Fellowship and the Nicholl...
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Michael Dugan wrote and directed the award winning, HBO feature comedy, Raging Hormones. He has sold a comedy to SONY Pictures, an MOW to NBC, and his TV credits include Santa Barbara, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, Loving & 5 EMMY awards.
Hi there, My name is Sean-Paul Thomas Cairns and I am an optioned Screenwriter/Author from the UK. 'I was a finalist at the 2018 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting competition for my recently optioned road trip screenplay 'The Old Man and The Princess.' 'Winner of the Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship 2020 for my dark Horror/Thriller screenplay - Ugly Beautiful. Ugly Beautiful - LoglineAfter going on the run into the mountains, a gangster comes across the body of an unconscious young woman. When he attempts to nurse the mysterious, amnesiac girl back to health, things take a chilling turn. 'One of ten writers selected for the 2020 Nostos Screenwriting Retreat Scholarship in October for my latest Sci-Fi screenplay - Sagarmatha. Sagarmatha - Logline When a mysterious black hole entity appears above the...
Shea E. Butler is a multi award-winning filmmaker for her short films, “The Trial of Ben Barry,” “The Waystation,” "Finding Home" and for the 2017 seven-episode web series, “Trouble Creek.” She also directed a segment of the independent feature film “Brad’s Untitled Restaurant Project” which has been released on Vimeo VOD, and three monologues of the award-winning play, “The Vagina Monologues," for charity in Los Angeles. Shea's project, the seven-episode web series “Trouble Creek,” stars Jason Gedrick, Debrah Farentino and Dean Cameron. It can be seen at www.youtube.com/troublecreek. She Executive Produced all seven episodes with the show’s creator, Stacey K. Black, and directed three of the episodes. In 2016, she was accepted...
With a BA Hons in Film and Philosophy and a diploma from the London Film Academy, Rachael has been working in the industry for 10+ years, as a producer and short-film writer/director. Recent works include writing, directing, and producing two short educational films about Cyber Security, which went on to win several short film awards. (Crown Wood International, Accolade Global, Raw Science Film Festival, and Best Shorts Competition). Starting out as a camera operator with artistic visual flare, Rachael then moved into producing/directing. Rachael has always written creatively in her spare time. Her passion and love is in writing for cinema.
A multiple optioned screenwriter, Gavin Rapp is the President and CEO of White Collar Pictures, LLC,. He specializes in writing, film production, editing and marketing communications. He wrote, produced and directed his first motion picture, Trapped, starring Corbin Bernsen and Tom Atkins, which was shot in 2006, won the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival's "Best Crime Feature Film" award and went on to get distribution in Canada and the U.S. Gavin's second feature, Since I Don't Have You, was completed in 2012, had a total of 7 sold out screenings and was the 6th biggest story covered in Pittsburgh in 2012. The movie won Art House Feature of the year at the New Hope Film Festival in 2013 and Drama Feature at The international Buffalo Niagara Film Festival. It is currently available on iTunes...
Ryan P. Shrime's screenplay, PLEASE DON'T DIE, ROGER BERMAN, just won 3rd place out of 2000 submissions in the Emerging Screenwriters Feature competition.Ryan has been acting, writing, and producing since he graduated from Harvard University with an honors degree in Economics. Having made numerous appearances in film and television, he is a graduate of the three-year Meisner training program at the William Esper Studio in New York, and has also studied at Berg Studios and the Lesly Kahn Studio in Los Angeles, the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre both in New York and Los Angeles, with the Michael Checkhov Acting Studio in New York, the American Repertory Theater in Boston and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. He co-wrote/created/executive produced the acclaimed web series, Bathroomies, produced The...
Judith Davis' Writer's Bio A published Freelance Writer and Web Content Manager with over 20 years of experience. I have written and worked as an editor for several major online websites and consumer magazines, published a fictional novel and written and pitched several un-produced screenplays and a few scripts for television. Some of the companies I pitched are as follows: MTV Films, Nickelodeon Productions, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Films, Showtime, HBO, Oxygen, Hallmark Channel and Lifetime. My website is http://www.writerjudy.com. I have worked Freelance Programming Manager/Managing Editor for AOL running their Digital Lifestyle Channel. I was responsible for writing copy, programming and edited the channel. I have also worked on freelance projects for the MTV Networks (MTV Films), Nickelodeon, News...
Writer/Producer with 30+ feature scripts written and over $40M in television Assoc. Produced. Co-creator of the Nevada Film Tax Credit. Owner of Large Format Cameras.
Originally from Texas I was trained as an actor at KD Acting Conservatory in Dallas. Since then I've re-educated myself while working on film sets, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts from Los Angeles Film School for directing and writing and a Bachelor of Science in media arts and animation from Art Institute of California (Santa Monica). I've worked all manner of set jobs over the last twenty years of my career in film and television, but still dream of producing, directing and writing with A-list talent. I finally created Only Human Productions on January 5th, 2017 with work colleagues. Currently, developing a television series "Concepcion" and other feature films.
Stéphanie is a bilingual writer-director with a love of elevated genre films, especially science-fiction and science-driven stories. In her work, she likes exploring the big questions about our future as a species and our place in the universe. Stéphanie grew up in Brittany, on the West Coast of France. She began her career in story development at TF1 International and Canal Plus and worked as a story editor and screenwriter for French TV for several years. She created a Sci-Fi animated series for Luc Besson’s Europa Corp: VALERIAN & LAURELINE before studying filmmaking at UCLA. Her first feature film as a writer-director was THE QUIET HOUR, a sci-fi thriller starring Dakota Blue Richards (The Golden Compass, Skins, Endeavour) and Jack McMullen (Le Mans VS Ferrari). THE QUIET HOUR premiered...
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Commencing his production career as a passionate but unpaid studio floor sweeper, Sean worked his way up to his first drama directing gig at Crawford Productions on their hit drama production Cop Shop, quickly following it with his first screenplay credit writing the now-iconic Prisoner: Cell Block H for Grundy Television. Highlights of Sean’s career since include two of his screenplays being shortlisted for the prestigious State Premier’s Literary Awards in New South Wales and Queensland, with his work also having been nominated and won in both the Australian Writers’ Guild Awards and the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards.
Published short story author. Horror and genre expert w/numerous appearances on TV and in film.
Chicago native, Darryl Adamson was a former finalist in the prestigious Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting, Darryl’s educational background in Journalism and Slavic Studies has given him a wide base from which to approach many topics. From the university campus newsletter editor to the publisher of “The Last Chance” newsletter for the Dallas Independent School District, Darryl has shared and honed his craft by engaging with screenwriter organizations. He is employed in a managerial role with Viacom CBS. An accomplished jazz pianist and vocalist, Darryl has been wowing audiences from all over the Southwest to Chicago's famed Rush Street, sharing the stage with artists such as Gerald Albright, Marion Meadows, Pieces of a Dream, Phyllis Hyman, Kim Waters, and Yarbrough & Peoples. He...
C.E. Lemieux Jr. is an author and screenwriter. He published his first novel, Whispers In The Wind, in 2010. He followed that novel with five other fictional stories -- Loving Deacon, There's Something About Henry, The Ladder Climber, The Blemished Rose, and Some Kind Of Life. His novels are bittersweet stories which explore life, love, and loss. He began work in screenwriting in an effort to bring his novels to a new medium. He has written three spec scripts and four original screenplays in the genres of comedy, romance, historical fiction, and western. In addition to his work on screenplays, he continues to work on fiction novels.
I am an aspiring filmmaker and screenwriter who resides in Upstate NY.
Love to tell a story. I have several completed scripts and one which I took from concept to release as a solo crew with over 40 cast members and a dozen locations on a mere 5k shooting budget: "Inside the Locket." Don't let anyone tell you it's not possible!
Kenneth Droz is a long time screenwriter after a previous career as publicist for major studios and filmmakers. Ken’s most recent feature script, Topless, was purchased and is in development at L.A.’s Symply Entertainment (Khalil Jibran’s The Prophet). For Topless, Ken was named a Fellow in the 2015 Sundance Institute Detroit Screenwriting Intensive, and for other scripts was named Top Ten Screenwriting Finalist in the PAGE and Writers Digest Awards. Ken has served as humor columnist for Detroit’s Northwest Gazette and Michigan Chronicle newspapers, and his freelance writing has appeared in Daily Variety, The Detroit News, USA Today, Creative Screenwriting Magazine, The Oakland Press and MLive.com. Prior to working in film, Ken was a pro sports publicist, working with Detroit's famed Kronk...
SCREENWRITER - WGA FILM: - Optioned screenplays to Lakeshore Entertainment, Adelson Entertainment and Intermedia Films. - Sold feature script, RAT GIRL (based on my 16mm short) to MPH Entertainment - Script doctor for feature film at Lakeshore Entertainment. TV: - Served as staff comedy writer for HBO's Comedy Channel. Wrote for two shows. - Wrote jokes David Letterman performed in a CBS TV promo for The Late Show. - Wrote TV pilot for Broadcast Arts. Screenplay Competitions: 2020 - QUANTUM LOVE - Top 100 placement in the Emerging Screenwriters Shoot Your Sizzle competition! 2019 - QUANTUM LOVE - WGA MINY Fellowship - semifinalist - QUANTUM LOVE - Final Draft Big Break - quarterfinalist 2018 - THE ANTI-COMIC - Quarterfinalist - Scriptapalooza - QUANTUM LOVE -...
Rachel spent her childhood getting into trouble on a working cattle ranch and joined the Army Reserve after high school. She has served on multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and now flies Chinook helicopters. She was accepted into the WGA’S Veteran’s in Writing Fellowship in 2020. Rachel writes emotionally charged character-based action/adventure, sci-fi and mystery/thriller. She is managed by Val McLeroy of Epigram.
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LinniaSarah and Kat are published authors who are obsessed with film. They are popcorn addicts, genre junkies, and giddy nerds who love writing and the creative process.