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Alex Cope & Will Zech's 'Creepypasta' Wins 2015 Fresh Voices Competition

Alex Cope and Will Zech's half-hour pilot Creepypasta (submitted under working title 'Tapes') has won first place in the 1/2 Hour TV Pilot category of the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition. The script previously won Best Scripted Digital Series in the 2015 Austin Film Festival.  Creepypasta is about an eccentric teen girl who enlists the help of the boy next door to research strange local incidents tied to internet urban legends called "creepypasta" in an effort to solve her uncle's mysterious disappearance. Together they face incidents of the supernatural in the internet age, from malevolent chatbots to possessed memes, all while grappling with a more timeless challenge: growing up.  Reader Comment from Austin Film Festival: "This needs to be a produced show, like...