Exciting ISAConnect Member Success Stories

These are the top success stories listed by ISAConnect Members. If you're an Industry Pro and interested in viewing the work of these emerging writers, please request Industry Pro status. 3856 Success Stories Listed.

Andy Byrne's DISCONN wins 2nd place Table Read My Screenplay- London!

Andy is also a 2016 ISA Fast Track Fellow for Disconn which is currently gaining industry interest. DISCONN is a low-key, social sci-fi following the story of Jenna, a woman struggling to fit into her life in a mental utopia where people pay a hive-mind product - Neura - to manage and medicate their lives. Her attempt to disconnect brings her into conflict with her instincts, her numbed husband and the manipulators of this utopia. Ultimately, her desire to disconnect may destroy precisely what she'd sought all along...  
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