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Annika Tuneld, new Swedish Writer, optioned her English Screenplay

My name is Annika Tuneld and I live in Sweden. After going through a divorce and trying to create a new life for me and my two daughters, I decided to start writing movies. I wrote my first words in English in July 2010 and three months later, I finished my first screenplay, NEVER FOREVER. In May 2011 the script was considered for development by a production company. At the same time, I finished my second screenplay, WILDFLOWERS, with a writing partner. The whole script was written over Skype late at night and early in the mornings. In January 2012, a very rough 1st draft of WILDFLOWERS was a finalist in the Table Read My Screenplay competition. My co-writer and I decided to seriously query WILDFLOWERS in March 2013. In April, with no agent or manager, we signed an option agreement with a Hollywood based production...