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Chris Courtney Martin's 'Prodigal' named Finalist in Diverse Voices Contest

Martin's twisted family drama feature 'Prodigal' was named a Finalist in WeScreenplay's Spring 2017 Diverse Voices contest. When asked by WeScreenplay how'Prodigal' represents a new and diverse perspective for Hollywood, Martin answered: "My protagonist, Zora, is a young Black woman who is exploring her sexuality in a number of ways. On top of exploring her sexual orientation, she's just starting to explore and act on sexual impulses, period. To see sexual exploration through a female perspective, without pandering to the male gaze, is rare. In an industry where female sexual pleasure is often treated as obscene and male pleasure constantly shows up in PG-13 films. I think this is an important story to tell. On top of that, Zora is a fat black girl with short natural hair. The act of showing her as a sexual being...
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