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Dave Chan, Keith Black, Michelle J Brezinski June 2015 TV Script Winners

Deadline June 30th: SUBMIT TV PILOT/SPEC Script - Get FULL FEEDBACK. Get script performed by professional actors Watch the winning performance readings:Script #1 - TV PILOT SCRIPT - SEX THERAPY June 2015 ReadingWritten by Michelle J Brezinski The story of Sex Therapist Laura Lepinski and her own issues with sex.CAST LIST: NARRATOR - Lorry Ayers LAURA - Marsha MasonLITTLE LAURA - Victoria KucherGEOFF - Geoff MaysMARTIN - Allan BrunetRAJ - Dan CristoforiMALE GUARD - Adam MartignettiScript #2 - TV SPEC SCRIPT - FAMILY GUY June 2015 ReadingWritten by Dan Chan 'What The Phuc?!' is a Family Guy TV SPEC Screenplay. As...
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