Exciting ISAConnect Member Success Stories

These are the top success stories listed by ISAConnect Members. If you're an Industry Pro and interested in viewing the work of these emerging writers, please request Industry Pro status. 3298 Success Stories Listed.

'DISCONN' wins GOLD for Sci Fi in PAGE International Screenwriting Awards

Andy Byrne's sci-fi script 'DISCONN' secured him a place as a Mentee for the ISA's Fast Track Fellowship, and has now received a further accolade in winning gold in the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards. Andy said of this recent success "It helps me focus even harder on learning and honing my craft and building a network. It's a honor to be able to share this journey with the ISA community." 'DISCONN' follows a newly pregnant woman's struggle to disconnect from a hive-mind product which society eagerly pays to manage/medicate their lives. In conflict with her husband, society and the manipulators of this augmented reality, her determination may end up losing more than just her own life.  
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