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Joshua Katz' LEAPERS Finishes in Top 20% in Nicholl Fellowship

Theoriginal screenplay, LEAPERS, was in the top 20% of over 7000 screenplays submitted for the Nicholl Fellowship.Logline: Drawn to a bridge where people often jump to their deaths, a disraught veteran is befriended by a homeless fisherman and struggles for love and redemption with a strange but beautiful young woman.(Drama)This screenplay takes place in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. It highlights the problems of homlessness, violent gangs, and suicide. But don't let the dark tone fool you; I feel this script has plenty of humor and action to keep people interested regardless of which genre or tone they favor. *This script is also currently in the running as a quarter-finalist in the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards (semi-finalists are announced on Aug 15th)....
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