Exciting ISAConnect Member Success Stories

These are the top success stories listed by ISAConnect Members. If you're an Industry Pro and interested in viewing the work of these emerging writers, please request Industry Pro status. 77 Success Stories Listed.

Joey Day Hargrove recently submitted her rom-com feature ROMEO & JENNA to an ISA Writing Gig and was discovered by the ISA Development Department. After meeting with the ISA Team, and discussing her work, aspirations and future projects she has now been invited on to the ISA's Development Slate of top tier writers. She is so excited to have been selected to join the slate and eager to see where this amazing opportunity may take her.
Short film noir crime dramedy listed on Network ISA was optioned and then produced by an Iowa-based indie filmmaker. It's now in post-production and may be released this year (2022).
Glen Hosking submitted his screenplay WOLF AND FOX HUNT to an ISA WRITING GIG and it was optioned by producer/director Doron Drew Feldman of Ayin Productions. He said, "This is my very first option and I have ISA to thank. I'm already learning so much about myself as a writer as I go through the re-write process."
Adam Patcher's thriller BLACK BAGS, which was optioned through an ISA listing, filmed in May 2021. Starring Laura Vandervoort and Olesya Rulin, directed by Josh Brandon, and also written by Angela Bourassa, it is currently finishing post-production and represented by sales agent Artist View Entertainment. More news soon!
Don Thompson's screenplay adaptation of David Dessauer's book 'Harper Lee and Me' has been nominated for Best Feature Screenplay at the Pop Con Indiana 2022! Thank you Pop Con! More info about the conference is here: The script was developed on assignment through an opportunity posted by the ISA.
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Todd Foley and his writing partner Dan Healey have recently signed a shopping agreement with Creative Screenwriter Productions, LLC for their thriller/horror script CABIN CLEANSE. The script was found through an ISA Writing gig.
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A. J. Bermudez will join director Kyle Hausmann-Stokes of Blue Three Productions as co-writer on MY DEAD FRIEND ZOE, a dark comedy drama feature set to shoot this September. A. J. was introduced to the production team by the ISA, and you can hear her talk about her experience as winner of the ISA's Shoot Your Sizzle competition on the podcast MAKING MOVIES IS HARD, hosted by MY DEAD FRIEND ZOE producer Liz Manashil and Alrik Bursell.
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On April 5, 2018, Matthew Tolbert submitted his script (THE STARTER MARRIAGE) to an ISA Writing Gig. In July 2018, he signed an agreement. On December 14, 2021, the movie based on his script was released nationally to a variety of streaming and On-Demand platforms. Matthew said 'It pays to respond to ISA opportunities, and it pays to be patient.'
ISA Development slate writer Jason Goldberg sold his Horror/Comedy PRINCE CHARMING screenplay to New Zealand director Zac Lucas. The project is scheduled to go into production in early 2022.
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Producer, Jerry Koedding, from Wave Films discovered Natalie Ekberg's script ESPOUSAL through an ISA Writing Gig submission and is now actively pitching it throughout Singapore.
NEMESIS by Kane Wheatley-Holder makes it to the 2nd round of the ISA Fast Track Fellowship 2021.
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Keyanna Wigglesworth applied for a writing gig on ISA and was hired by Standing Bear Productions to write a 1970s true crime feature film adaptation. She's excited to collaborate with the producers to tell this story!
A week after joining ISA, Avery Rouda booked a Writing Gig working with the Kerbs team on a Mixed-Reality (XR) TV Series concept specifically designed for language learning (English, French, Spanish, Arabic). Exactly like a TV-series, they will shoot episodes (16 minutes) and seasons (One for every level of mastery). The plot takes place in a coffeehouse, where a dozen recurring characters help an expatriate (the learner) to be integrated, and to learn the language.Avery commented "Excited test my craft and hone my screenwriting technique for the immersive, 360 world of Virtual Reality Cinema. Thank you ISA for making this opportunity available to me. I am grateful and thrilled for this new chapter".
After applying for a gig listed on the ISA Writing Gigs page, María was hired by KERBS as one of the screenwriters for its VR Language Learning Episodes. She’s excited to be part of this innovative project!
Sean Mason applied for a writing gig on ISA and was hired by KERBS to help write their groundbreaking VR language learning series. He's excited to collaborate with the other writers and producers to help bring the vision and episodes to life!
John Joseph applied for a writing gig listed on the ISA Writing Gigs page, and was hired as a screenwriter for a VR Language Learning Episodes.
Nicole Appleby applied for a writing gig listed on the ISA Writing Gigs Platform, and was subsequently hired as a screenwriter for their VR Language Learning Episodes. She’s excited be on the team that brings the KERBS vision to life!
Kate Beacom's feature REHAB CABIN will make it's Australian premiere in July 2021 at Revelation Perth Film Festival.
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Kate Beacom's feature REHAB CABIN was an Official Selection at Kansas City FilmFest International in April 2021.
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Lacey Jeka and Kate Beacom's feature GHOSTED was discovered through a writing gig submission and they were invited to join the ISA Development Slate.