Exciting ISAConnect Member Success Stories

These are the top success stories listed by ISAConnect Members. If you're an Industry Pro and interested in viewing the work of these emerging writers, please request Industry Pro status. 68 Success Stories Listed.

Producer, Jerry Koedding, from Wave Films discovered Natalie Ekberg's script ESPOUSAL through an ISA Writing Gig submission and is now actively pitching it throughout Singapore.
NEMESIS by Kane Wheatley-Holder makes it to the 2nd round of the ISA Fast Track Fellowship 2021.
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Keyanna Wigglesworth applied for a writing gig on ISA and was hired by Standing Bear Productions to write a 1970s true crime feature film adaptation. She's excited to collaborate with the producers to tell this story!
A week after joining ISA, Avery Rouda booked a Writing Gig working with the Kerbs team on a Mixed-Reality (XR) TV Series concept specifically designed for language learning (English, French, Spanish, Arabic). Exactly like a TV-series, they will shoot episodes (16 minutes) and seasons (One for every level of mastery). The plot takes place in a coffeehouse, where a dozen recurring characters help an expatriate (the learner) to be integrated, and to learn the language.Avery commented "Excited test my craft and hone my screenwriting technique for the immersive, 360 world of Virtual Reality Cinema. Thank you ISA for making this opportunity available to me. I am grateful and thrilled for this new chapter".
After applying for a gig listed on the ISA Writing Gigs page, María was hired by KERBS as one of the screenwriters for its VR Language Learning Episodes. She’s excited to be part of this innovative project!
Sean Mason applied for a writing gig on ISA and was hired by KERBS to help write their groundbreaking VR language learning series. He's excited to collaborate with the other writers and producers to help bring the vision and episodes to life!
John Joseph applied for a writing gig listed on the ISA Writing Gigs page, and was hired as a screenwriter for a VR Language Learning Episodes.
Nicole Appleby applied for a writing gig listed on the ISA Writing Gigs Platform, and was subsequently hired as a screenwriter for their VR Language Learning Episodes. She’s excited be on the team that brings the KERBS vision to life!
Kate Beacom's feature REHAB CABIN will make it's Australian premiere in July 2021 at Revelation Perth Film Festival.
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Kate Beacom's feature REHAB CABIN was an Official Selection at Kansas City FilmFest International in April 2021.
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Lacey Jeka and Kate Beacom's feature GHOSTED was discovered through a writing gig submission and they were invited to join the ISA Development Slate.
Kate Beacom and her writing partners feature GHOSTED was discovered through a writing gig submission and the writers were invited to join the ISA's Development Slate.
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New ISA Development Slate writer Kate Beacom's feature REHAB CABIN premiered at Portland International Film Festival as part of their 2021 festival. It received wonderful reviews from local papers like The Portland Mercury and Willamette Week.
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ISA Top 25 Screenwriter to Watch in 2021 - Paige VanTassell is so excited to now be represented by Erin Morris at APA Agency.
ISA verified producer/director, Star Victoria, requests Bernadett Belinda York's WILD DATURA script. The emerging writer submitted to the industry pro's call on ISA's writing gigs for High-Concept, Female-Driven features and is considering after reading the film's logline and synopsis. The Drama, Western, Thriller is a unique narrative centered around a female couple's survival of the male-dominated Gold Rush era. Swirl Films is a leading independent film & TV production company focusing on diversity inclusion with projects distributed by Netflix, BET, Lifetime, etc.
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David Barbeschi applied for a writing gig listed on the ISA Writing Gigs Platform, and he was subsequently hired to write a one-season web-series. He has since received feedback that the client was very satisfied with his work on the 7 episodes.
Skye was recently hired for a rewrite of a feature film script for the Swiss-based production company, Cognito Films, after responding to an ISA Writing Gig. Working closely with both the very talented writer / director and the producers of the film, she has embarked on the path of further developing the A-Story, characters, and journey arcs. She is thrilled to be participating in this exciting project. Skye commented, "I can't thank the team at ISA enough for opening this door, and for the wealth of opportunities and support that they've provided me."
After submitting his pilot F-YOU! I'm a Teacher to an ISA Verified Writing Gig, Michael was added to the ISA Development Slate. F-YOU! I'M A TEACHER is a half-hour dramedy about a charming California-transplant high school teacher w/Tourette’s, who, by law, can’t be fired if he yells “Fuck You” in class. The kids love him, but that doesn’t stop the school board, judgmental parents, and pretty much all the churches within 50 miles from trying. Note: Michael has Tourette's, moved from California, and taught at a small country day school in Georgia.
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After receiving a record number of submissions, Table Read My Screenplay competition selected the true story of the HARLEM HELL FIGHTERS as a finalist. Soon after, Jayson's pilot script was featured on Coverfly's The Red List. Most recently, it was chosen as quarter-finalist in Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Competition.
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Thanks to ISA, my heavily awarded script PRAYER sold to an undisclosed (NDA) production company. As well, the success of PRAYER lead to two more hires, one for a faith-based feature, nearing completion, and negotiations now underway for a 10-epi dramatic series.