"[T]here is a paucity of material on all matters television marketing - and what there is often quite stuffy and academic. This is why I recommend Charlie Mawer and Andy Bryant's (of RedBee fame) book TV Brand Builders."

(Tim Rabjohns dotmogo)

"The TV Brand Builders is an outstanding and in-depth examination of the craft of television marketing, full of insight, perspective and anecdote into what really works and why. It is sure to become a must-read for all those wanting to understand what's important in today's rapidly evolving TV landscape.

Andy and Charlie combine their many years of experience to provide the reader with an entertaining and easily read journey into how to build a TV brand."

(Jeremy Darroch, CEO Sky Plc)

"I don't think I have ever read a more comprehensive account of the craft of marketing in television.
There are many inspiring examples within an increasingly complex industry, which makes this book really valuable, as it describes the landscape so entirely.

Armed with it perhaps the TV marketing and branding fraternity can bring simplicity, joy and fun to communications despite that complexity."

(Martin Lambie-Nairn, author of "Brand Identity for Television" and founder Lambie-Nairn)

"Two of the field's top talents draw a road map of the best routes to brand just about any kind of television content. In the process Bryant and Mawer entertain and inform you with a wealth of case studies, peppered with amusing anecdotes and assessments by a host of industry insiders. Written in an engaging style, this book is a must read for its concise history of the evolution of television branding from in-house afterthought to a booming, and often entrepreneurial, industry sector."
(Jennifer Gillan, author of "Television Brandcasting" Professor of English and Media Studies, Bentley University)

"A fascinating piece of television history that shows how marketers moved from being the monkeys to the organ grinders of the broadcasting world. This book will be enjoyed by broadcasting professionals as well as those that just love watching TV. The authors take us into the much maligned and misunderstood world of TV marketing showing how this art will become ever more important as we move further into a multi-platform on-demand age."
(Lorraine Heggessey, Advisor, Channel 4 Growth Fund and former Controller BBC One)

"The TV Brand Builders manages to be both a weighty tome of real insight into the industry today, and a fun and gossipy read. Great case studies abound across the US market and it proves a valuable book for anyone wrestling with the challenge of finding and keeping viewers."
(Dave Howe, President, Strategy and Commercial Growth NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment)

"The TV Brand Builders is a gift to students and media industry scholars seeking to understand the fast-moving world of television marketing. Brimming with insights, and written with verve, the book offers a compelling and clear-sighted account of TV promotion from leading practitioners in the field. Bryant and Mawer bring all their experience to bear in demonstrating the creativity and skill of TV brand building. A must read for anyone interested in promotional screen culture."
(Paul Grainge, Professor of Film and Television Studies University of Nottingham)

"The TV Brand Builders is comprehensive, well researched, and insightful - the definitive guide for anyone looking to build their career in entertainment marketing."
(Walter Levitt, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer Comedy Central)

"Was it ever true in TV that ‘if you build it, they will come'? It's certainly not so any more in our exciting multi-screen, on-demand, dynamic industry. The art and science of TV marketing was never so vital, nor so full of possibility. But there are good reasons why it's still one of the most dysfunctional marketing jobs around, as frustrating as it is rewarding.

This book, written by two people who have practised what they preach for many years at the heart of some of the most iconic TV marketing campaigns, is an absolute gold mine of best practice case studies, insider anecdotes and wise counsel. It covers every aspect of marketing TV from channels to programmes and from genres to sub-audiences. If you're trying to unpick your ‘timeless principles' from your ‘seismic changes', as you nobly serve audiences, producers and broadcasters, you'd be dotty not to have this book at your side."

(Tess Alps, Chair Thinkbox)

"As entertainment marketing continues to evolve, we must adapt to thrive in this new dynamic landscape. Charlie and Andy are both true visionaries in our industry. Their book The TV Brand Builders gives all brand marketers, regardless of expertise, the insights needed to drive not only viewership but, more importantly, the deep emotional bonds that are the underpinnings of the world's most valuable entertainment brands."
(Steve Kazanjian, President & CEO PromaxBDA)

"Rich in anecdote, example and insight, this is an encyclopedic survey of the crucial role marketing plays in great content finding audiences. It is an essential handbook for anyone looking to build content brands in a transmedia age."

(Wayne Garvie, Chief Creative Officer, International Production Sony Pictures Television)

"Fragmented, segmented, bundled, unbundled, TV marketing today apes 3D chess. Thoroughly researched and wonderfully compiled, this book transmits a clear picture of advertising and marketing's special role."
(Tim Lefroy, Chief Executive Advertising Association)