Short. Simple and Sweet. I've been writing screenplays for five years and have read most of the "definitive" books on story, structure, theme, premise etc. etc.. This book should be the first book any aspiring screenwriter should buy.


In easy step by step instructions the author not only explains but illustrates the basic elements of what makes a screenplay, how to do it, how to find your protagonist/antagonist, how to create the needed conflict and how to string these together to create a coherent story and script. She doesn't waste a lot of time on specific genre or nuance like most screenwriting books do. If you follow her steps you will have a script when you're done.


Highly recommend for beginners and the advanced alike. Finding a tool that clarifies the elements of story structure, design and character dynamics is always welcome in my life. Sometimes simple is best!


SCOTT R WEBER (Aliso Viejo, Ca USA)