"This book contains valuable insight that screenwriters need to become successful in the industry. I learned some important things that I know will help me become a better writer. Although I wish it was a little longer with more detailed examples, the points that David makes are essential, quick to the point, and informative. This book is well worth the small investment and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get serious about screenwriting." - Rory Clark  


"This easy to read guide is perfect for the newbie screenwriter on up to the pro. It is expertly crafted and easy to understand. I think it is the perfect book to get your writing career started. I highly recommend it! - Linda Busch 


"This fast-read practical manual on the proper way to write a spec script is just what the "doctors" ordered, but most fail to deliver. There is a huge difference between writing a screenplay on assignment, or to self-produce, and then writing the screenplay on "spec"- hoping to sell to someone else to produce. David has highlighted the major issues of screenplays that are NOT spec-friendly, and gives the right advice, in my opinion, on many of the aspects that CAN help your spec project. We're not talking strictly structure and story here: the number of books on these topics is endless. We're talking the key factors that a) get your script requested, and b) get it read- to completion. You can't sell a script until the buyer reads it. I highly recommend this book for all screenwriters; especially those hoping to sell a project, or get hired for paid writing assignments, along the way." - Geno Scala