At a Glance
  • Instructional DVD going into components of writing a strong feature script.
  • Writing Log Lines For Your Life.
  • Writing Powerful Log Lines For Your Script.

Learn some of the secrets to telling strong story from the studio executive perspective. Jen Grisanti, Story/Career Consultant, was a studio executive for over 12 years at top studios.

In this DVD, Jen Grisanti goes over the 7 components that will make your feature script sell: 

  • Creating Empathy For Your Central Character
  • Contrasting Worlds
  • Creating a Powerful Dilemma
  • Having a Strong Goal Stem From Your Dilemma
  • Building Obstacles
  • Writing a Memorable Mid-Point and All Is Lost Moment That Connect Back To The Goal
  • Theme, Symbolism, Message

Grisanti will show you how to make your audience FEEL your story. Jen believes that writing is a practice. You have to return to it everyday to put in the time to create great story.


Examples from UP IN THE AIR, THE HURT LOCKER and AVATAR are sited to show you examples of strong writing.


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  • Date available: 05/15/2011
  • Publication date: 05/01/2011
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