At a Glance
  • A step-by-step guide to screenwriting
  • Provides a tried-and-true workshop approach to writing a screenplay
  • Follow the workbook through to the finish and end up with a complete script

No one knows more about screenwriting than Syd Field. Now the ultimate Hollywood insider shares his secrets and expertise in this bestselling workbook for a new generation of screenwriters.


Filled with fresh insights and anecdotes from the author and analyses of films from Pulp Fiction to Brokeback MountainThe Screenwriter’s Workbook is your very own hands-on workshop, the book that allows you to participate in the processes that have made Syd Field’s workshops invaluable to beginners and working professionals alike. Follow this workbook through to the finish, and you’ll end up with a complete and salable script!


Learn how to:

  • Define the idea on which your script will be built
  • Create the model—the paradigm—that professionals use
  • Bring your characters to life
  • Write dialogue like a pro
  • Structure your screenplay for success from the crucial first pages to the final act

Here are systematic instructions, easy-to-follow exercises, a clear explanation of screenwriting basics, and expert advice at every turn—all the moment-to-moment, line-by-line help you need to transform your initial idea into a professional screenplay that’s earmarked for success.


Product Details
  • Publisher: Delta Publishing
  • Date available: 01/10/2010
  • Publication date: 10/31/2006
  • Return policy: 10 days