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Seeking Writer Or Scripts That Focus On Teachers & Students
We are looking to develop scripts that are focused on students and/or teachers in elementary school up to graduate school (college).Our search is, first and foremost, to find a writer to hire to develop one of the three current ideas we have. But if your writing sample is a story which happens to also fit into the mold of what we...
Gig Posted: Feb 13, 2018
Location: Continental United States
Genre: Adventure, Children, Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance, Sports
Type: Feature
PAID: [Negiotatiable (flat fee to write or to option script)]
Adaptation Writer Needed For Kids Adventure Series
We are seeking a skilled and experienced screenwriter to adapt the first book in "The Adventures of Nicky" series, a youth-oriented adventure tale full of action, supernatural mystery and humour.  We are looking to develop this into a pilot that we can pitch to Netflix as well as and potential production company partners. When the ser...
Gig Posted: Feb 15, 2018
Location: anywhere
Genre: Adventure, Children, Family
Type: TV Pilot
PAID: [$10k total, payable as $2k deposit, $3k upon submission of first draft, $5k upon completion.]
Looking For Scripts On Mother/child Relationships
Chinese production company is looking for a script about Mother and Child relationships.  Screenplays can get into a theme conveying that no love is greater than motherly love, in spite of misunderstandings, different/conflicting values, grudges, etc.  You are free to explore other kinds of obstacles and factors that co...
Gig Posted: Feb 04, 2018
Location: Hong Kong China
Genre: Drama, Family
Type: Feature
PAID: [TBD - Negotiable]
Seeking Established Writer To Assist In Helping Develop Pitch
Hello, I'm screenwriter Ronald Owen. I have written two feature screenplays complete. I'm looking for your help!  I would like to consult with a seasoned writer who has experience pitching who can collaborate with me in helping craft my pitch.  For your help, I will share in any sales of these scripts to the tune of a payment of 10% o...
Gig Posted: Jan 20, 2018
Location: Worldwide
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Type: Feature
DEFERRED PAY: [10% after succesful sale]
Seeking Writing Advisor With Knowledge Of Law For Tv Pilot
We are seeking writer who has a background in law.  Specifically, we are looking for someone with knowledge of contract law, business law, entertainment law and family law. We need your assistance in completing a pilot script about lawyers in the entertainment industry with their own firm. This would be a short unpaid w...
Gig Posted: Jan 30, 2018
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance
Type: TV Pilot
DEFERRED PAY: [3% on backend]
Feature Doc Writing Partner Needed (dramatic, Human Elements, Sports)
I am looking for a writing partner to aid in the writing of a story outline & script for a feature documentary film.  The film has been 80% shot and we are now incorporating a deeper arc into the current plot of the film.  At the start of production, the film's focus was primarily about Chicago Bears Superfans and their relationships ...
Gig Posted: Jan 27, 2018
Location: Chicago/ Los Angeles
Genre: Biography, Sports
Type: Feature
PAID: [$500]
Intern - Partnership & Entertainment Research - Shore Scripts, Ca
Screenwriting Competition and Production Company focused on promoting emerging new writing talent is looking for an energetic and enthusiastic assistant to research marketing and partnership opportunities for 2018.Candidates must be highly skilled at online research and lead generation, and possess above average writing ability.This i...
Gig Posted: Jan 09, 2018
Location: Anywhere in the world.
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Family, Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense, Thriller
Type: Feature, TV Pilot, Short
Series Comedy Writer For An Adult Animated Series
The concept is for a comedy series about the people behind supervillains. These are the henchmen & minions who are beaten, battered, and bruised all for the good of the job. This series we'll explore the men and women that help supervillains in their quest for world domination. Each series will last 7-10 episodes while each individual...
Gig Posted: Jan 08, 2018
Location: Anywhere in the world
Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Type: TV Pilot, Short, Web Series
DEFERRED PAY: [$200 per episode after series is produced]
Collaborator Wanted For Action Screenplay
I'm an award-winning, produced screenwriter, member WGA, looking for a fellow screenwriter to work with in developing a spec screenplay based upon my original premise: a 20-something female born with a genetic mutation that gives her "practical immortality" (look it up) is relentlessly pursued by the henchmen of a billionaire who want...
Gig Posted: Dec 16, 2017
Location: Anywhere in the world
Genre: Action
Type: Feature
DEFERRED PAY: [Deferred - To be negotiated]
Collaborator Wanted For Action/sci-fi Screenplay
I'm an award-winning, produced screenwriter and a member WGA who is looking for a fellow screenwriter to work with in developing a spec screenplay based upon my original premise: a 20-something female born with a genetic mutation that gives her "practical immortality" (look it up) is relentlessly pursued by the henchmen of a...
Gig Posted: Dec 21, 2017
Location: Anywhere
Genre: Action, Science Fiction
Type: Feature
DEFERRED PAY: [Deferred]
Seeking Feature Drama Writer-for-hire
We are a small, Miami-based production company who is looking for a screenwriter to work with us in developing a feature-length drama screenplay based on an existing idea. There is pay up front (to be negotiated) and credit.  Experience not required, but passion is! Please submit a cover letter that includes your IMDb link, if you hav...
Gig Posted: Dec 09, 2017
Location: Miami
Genre: Drama
Type: Feature
PAID: [tbd]
Seeking Partner W/ Knowledge Of India Culture, Write From Female View
My name is Sahil Harge and from India.  I am looking for a screenwriting partner to collaborate with me on a new sitcom idea that has a female lead.  I am seeking an LA-based screenwriter with knowledge of Indian culture who can write from the female perspective to work with me on developing and polishing the concept and pil...
Gig Posted: Nov 25, 2017
Location: Los Angeles
Genre: Comedy
Type: TV Pilot
Gig Posted: Nov 25, 2017
Location: xxx
DEFERRED PAY: [Co-Writer credit including rights to any compensations generated by the screenplay.]
Seeking Writing Partner To Help W/ Drama Feature Polish & Formatting
Hello!  I am in need of an experienced English-first speaking screenwriter to help me with my festival-placing screenplay.  I am a novelist first who was born in Germany, hence my need for a writer who is naturally an English speaker and one who understands screenplay structure and formatting.Despite the clunkiness that my screenplay ...
Gig Posted: Nov 03, 2017
Location: N/A
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller
Type: Feature, TV Pilot
DEFERRED PAY: [Share of future profits]
Novelist Seeks Screenwriter To Adapt Romantic Novel For The Screen
I am a novelist who is looking for a screenwriter to partner with on adapting my novel into a screenplay. Let's write a fantastic script together based on my published novel, which is a romance in the vein of "Dr. Zhivago."  Seeking an experienced screenwriter who has had some successes.  We will share future income & pr...
Gig Posted: Sep 30, 2017
Location: N/A
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Type: Feature, Novel, TV Pilot
DEFERRED PAY: [Share of future profits]
Screenwriter Needed For Dramatic True Story Book Adaptation
Stephanie Palmer suggested that I try to find a screenwriter who is interested in my project on a "spec" basis, so I'm coming to you!  I have a book is titled "Could this happen to you?"   I chose that title because what happened to us can happen to anyone.  This is a dramatic and tragic true story.  By spread...
Gig Posted: Aug 06, 2017
Location: N/A
Genre: Drama
Scriptwriter Collaborator Required London, England
An experienced director and two writers (who are not necessarily screenwriters) are seeking an aspiring screenwriter/collaborator/industry insider, perhaps with an acting background, to help us flesh out and develop an existing screenplay. The aim is to create a saleable screenplay that:Strikes a balance between cutting-edge creativit...
Gig Posted: Mar 05, 2017
Location: London, England
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Type: Feature
PAID: []
Adapt Book To Television Series (ugly Betty/sex And The City)
I am the author of Sex, Booze and Designer Shoes. It has always been my plan to turn my book into a series. For style and content, think of it like an updated "Sex and the City" only with a British, highly sexual female lead. There is a lot of drama, romance, sex, comedy, fashion & more sex. I am looking for directors and producti...
Gig Posted: Jun 04, 2015
Location: London/Los Angeles
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Type: TV Pilot
DEFERRED PAY: [Future profit share]
True Story Writer Needed For Book Adaptation Of Black Genocide
Production company looking for a screenwriter to adapt a non-fiction book based on a publicized story of black genocide that occured in the early 1900s. If interested, please send writing sample(s)....
Gig Posted: Mar 15, 2014
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama
Type: Feature, Novel
DEFERRED PAY: [Speculative Project ("on spec")]