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Seeking Partner W/ Knowledge Of India Culture, Write From Female View
My name is Sahil Harge and from India.  I am looking for a screenwriting partner to collaborate with me on a new sitcom idea that has a female lead.  I am seeking an LA-based screenwriter with knowledge of Indian culture who can write from the female perspective to work with me on developing and polishing the concept and pil...
Gig Posted: Nov 25, 2017
Location: Los Angeles
Genre: Comedy
Type: TV Pilot
Gig Posted: Nov 25, 2017
Location: xxx
DEFERRED PAY: [Co-Writer credit including rights to any compensations generated by the screenplay.]
Seeking Writing Partner To Help W/ Drama Feature Polish & Formatting
Hello! I am in need of an experienced English-first speaking screenwriter to help me with my festival-placing screenplay. I am a novelist first who was born in Germany, hence my need for a writer who is naturally an English speaker and one who understands screenplay structure and formatting.Despite the clunkiness that my screenplay ...
Gig Posted: Nov 03, 2017
Location: N/A
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller
Type: Feature, TV Pilot
DEFERRED PAY: [Share of future profits]
Novelist Seeks Screenwriter To Adapt Romantic Novel For The Screen
I am a novelist who is looking for a screenwriter to partner with on adapting my novel into a screenplay. Let's write a fantastic script together based on my published novel, which is a romance in the vein of "Dr. Zhivago."  Seeking an experienced screenwriter who has had some successes.  We will share future income & pr...
Gig Posted: Sep 30, 2017
Location: N/A
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Type: Feature, Novel, TV Pilot
DEFERRED PAY: [Share of future profits]
Screenwriter Needed For Dramatic True Story Book Adaptation
Stephanie Palmer suggested that I try to find a screenwriter who is interested in my project on a "spec" basis, so I'm coming to you!  I have a book is titled "Could this happen to you?"   I chose that title because what happened to us can happen to anyone.  This is a dramatic and tragic true story.  By spread...
Gig Posted: Aug 06, 2017
Location: N/A
Genre: Drama
Scriptwriter Collaborator Required London, England
An experienced director and two writers (who are not necessarily screenwriters) are seeking an aspiring screenwriter/collaborator/industry insider, perhaps with an acting background, to help us flesh out and develop an existing screenplay. The aim is to create a saleable screenplay that:Strikes a balance between cutting-edge creativit...
Gig Posted: Mar 05, 2017
Location: London, England
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Type: Feature
PAID: []
Adapt Book To Television Series (ugly Betty/sex And The City)
I am the author of Sex, Booze and Designer Shoes. It has always been my plan to turn my book into a series. For style and content, think of it like an updated "Sex and the City" only with a British, highly sexual female lead. There is a lot of drama, romance, sex, comedy, fashion & more sex. I am looking for directors and producti...
Gig Posted: Jun 04, 2015
Location: London/Los Angeles
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Type: TV Pilot
DEFERRED PAY: [Future profit share]
True Story Writer Needed For Book Adaptation Of Black Genocide
Production company looking for a screenwriter to adapt a non-fiction book based on a publicized story of black genocide that occured in the early 1900s. If interested, please send writing sample(s)....
Gig Posted: Mar 15, 2014
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama
Type: Feature, Novel
DEFERRED PAY: [Speculative Project ("on spec")]