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Gig Type:  Spec Script - Feature | Requires:  Resume, Writing Sample

Filmmaker Seeking Screenwriter For Spy Drama Feature

Nov. 02, 2022
By: Anton Jokikunnas

Filmmaker seeking screenwriter to collaborate on a story idea and turn it into a spy drama / thriller. Looking for a talented and intelligent writer with their own style/voice to help deliver a commercially entertaining story with deeper themes. The feature will be produced and directed by the filmmaker. 

A writer's ability to write captivating visuals, world-building, and character-driven deep complicated stories is essential. The story digs into psychological and philosophical thinking and takes a critical stand on society/politics/religion. 

The writer also needs to get acquainted with the extensive research material that the filmmaker has put together. Middle Eastern cultural and US political climate knowledge can be helpful. (This is not for individuals affiliated with strong/extreme ideological or religious viewpoints)

Please be aware, this is a DEFERRED PAY project. This is a chance for talented writers looking to build their writing slate and have a screenplay project championed by the filmmaker.

Influences: Homeland, Tehran, 24, Jason Bourne.

Please submit a Cover Note, Resume & one complete Sample.

Key Highlights

PAID: To be negotiated upfront
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Format: Feature
Location: Anywhere
Deadline to Submit: Jan. 25, 2023
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