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Seeking DC Area Screenwriting partner who is a Master of Story

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I am seeking a screenwriting partner for future projects. It would be preferred if you were located in the DC area. They type of stories I want to write could be described as “faith-based,” but I don’t want to be too “on the nose” with a preachy message. I’d like for these scripts to have a good message while also maintaining a wide audience appeal. Naturally, I’d also like you to have a strong grasp of the screenwriting craft and be committed to seeing a feature-length script through, from start to finish and then into the business/pitching/selling phase.


My favorite genres are political and spy thrillers, comedy, romantic comedy, sports and suspense. My strengths are in actions, descriptions, and dialogue. Therefore, my preferred partner would be a master of structure, plot, pacing and, ultimately, someone who enjoys and respects the process of collaboration.


Please submit to this gig with a resume/writing sample/cover letter.


Only submit to this writing gig via the ISA web site.  Direct emails will not be considered.