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Filmmaker Seeking Short Script to Produce

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I am a filmmaker who enjoys making projects that inspire people to be more in life. I'm looking for a short script, roughly 5-20 pages, to shoot this year with an end goal of submitting the finished product to notable film festivals.

About me:
I'm 31 years old, I started shooting and editing video when I was a teen. I went to film school and earned a BA in Radio-TV-Film. After graduating in 2009, I worked professionally in Dallas doing live events, film production and post-production. Early 2014, I moved from Texas to Los Angeles to further my career as a filmmaker. Since moving to LA, I've worked mostly in post-production and had the opportunity to work for notable companies such as Amblin Entertainment and CBS.

My filmmaking style:

My style of shooting is very controlled. I like to shoot with tripods, dollies, and cranes. I do very little handheld unless the story calls for it. I like to shoot films that are not dialogue heavy because it challenges the production team to focus on telling the story visually.

A script with few locations and few characters would be perfect. I'm not genre specific, although I'm NOT looking for Comedy or Romance scripts. Other than that, the submission criteria is broad.

Inspiring people to be more is a key concept in the film I would like to make. I'm a serious filmmaker, so thriller, action, and drama (especially social drama) all fit into my style. I also like stories that have mystery where the answer to questions are not revealed until the end or the answers could be left ambiguous - think Twilight Zone-ish. A few films that I like include K-Pax (Kevin Spacey - did the protagonist really return home on a beam of light? Or was he simply a mad man?) and The Prestige (Nolan, Bale - Wait? You mean the entire story the protagonist was actually twin brothers pretending to be one person?).

There will be pay
. We can negotiate if your script is selected.

Please submit a logline and synopsis. A request for a full script will be made if I am interested. Below are links to some of my work and IMDB page. The Christmas Special was shot and finished in the span of 7-days.  So much more can be done when time is available to devote to finishing a film.  Also, for any techies out there, I am a proud owner of a Red Scarlet-W camera which is set to be used for this project! Thanks for your time. I look forward to reading your stories!

Short film example - https://vimeo.com/199010090
IMDB - www.imdb.com/name/nm5873370/