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Seeking Writer or Scripts that Focus on Teachers & Students

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We are looking to develop scripts that are focused on students and/or teachers in elementary school up to graduate school (college).

Our search is, first and foremost, to find a writer to hire to develop one of the three current ideas we have. But if your writing sample is a story which happens to also fit into the mold of what we are looking for, every consideration for your completed script/story will be given. The stories should be in the vein of "Good Will Hunting" and "A Beautiful Mind" and/or sports or teacher & student stories along the lines of "Friday Night Lights" meets "Whiplash."  WMG is focused on compelling, social impact feature films.

This will be a non-union project. Fee for writing a script based on our story idea will be negotiated. If your writing sample has a story line that fits into the vein of what we are looking to make, then an option fee can be negotiated for it.

Dramas, comedies and other genres are welcome (no Slasher) as writing samples or even as scripts for consideration.  The production budget we are targeting should be in the range of $350k to $2 million.