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Writer to turn Award-Winning Auschwitz-Based Noir Thriller into Miniseries

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I'm looking for a partner to turn a completed screenplay into miniseries to pitch to Netflix, Amazon, etc. The feature-length screenplay, which was a finalist at the Napa Valley Film Festival, has been described as "Sophie's Choice" meets "The Usual Suspects (see logline below)."

Act 1 (murder, intro to Auschwitz, coercion of husband/wife investigation team) and Act 3 (solving the murder, double-crosses involving the gas chamber) are very strong.  I'm looking for someone who can work with me to expand Act 2 into a more complex murder investigation, with stories depicting daily life in Auschwitz and expanded development and interaction of characters.   

Compensation will be a 50-50 split of any revenues generated if optioned or sold.  Please send resume and samples of related work.


Logline:  Auschwitz 1944. A Jewish investigative reporter and her detective husband are forced by the Kommandant to solve the murder of his accountant and recover millions in purloined Jewish gold. Navigating the Auschwitz death mechanisms and overcoming a series of double-crosses, they solve the case, only to be sentenced to death in the gas chamber, where they accomplish a daring double-cross of their own.